Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Marriage Savior Rocks

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If you are a man who is sick and tired of the weakness of traditional marriage counseling then consider the link below!

In an article written by Robert Thatcher, a freelance publisher based in Cupetino, California, he mentions various reasons why marriages fail. Even though the reasons may vary from couple to couple there are streams of common events that flow through the lives of couples in crisis.

1. Couples failing to recognize and deal with all conflicting reasons for disharmony in the marriage.

2. Couples failing to develop mutual interests around which they can spend time and evaluate their emotions.

3. One or both partners failing to choose the other based upon compatible belief systems with shared perspectives.

4. Failure to establish a background of friendship before moving ahead to become marriage partners.

5. Not learning how to accept dissapointments and failures in the marriage.

6. Failure to express anger and dissapointment.

7. Neglecting ones physical appearance and health.

8. Neglecting manners among each other.

9. Lacking courage to state they feel an attraction outside of the marriage.

10. Actually having a relationship outside of the marriage.

This is a quick summation of the article. If you recognize any three of the aforementioned list as happening between you and your wife, then you should take action immediately to fix your marriage.